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The strongest program in the field 

of programming in the Arab world

welcome challenge

The Program is recognised by

AdvancED and Jordanian Ministry of Education(MOE)

Target Group/Trainees

3rd up to 8th Grade School Students (Arab Pioneers)

Our Branches

Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Bahrain, and Oman.


To equip the Arabic youth with the proper skillset they need to participate in the technology development process through practical training that teaches creative thinking and productivity.


To deal with technology as a tool that help students achieve excellence in all fields of life.


To support school curricula for the development of Arab Pioneers in all walks of life.

International Accreditation

Properties of Coder

What You Should Know About

  1. CO-DE integrates people with special needs into the community and the world of programming.
  2. CO-DE simulates all levels of future pioneers.
  3. CO-DE can be given in Arabic and English.
  4. CO-DE balances between IQ and EQ-based thinking skills.
  5. Skylark has internationally accredited, very capable, and experienced trainers in the field of programming.

The Secret of

Personal Skills Development

Learn in accordance with international standards that are developed meticulously to match the Arab Pioneers’ mental, psychological and behavioral capabilities.

Sound and useful feed of mind of Arab Pioneers at all life stages.

Master entrepreneurship and change skills that enable Arab Pioneers to control their future projects professionally.

Instill noble concepts and values ​​that serve the community.

Develop creativity and innovation, and discover the talents of Arab Pioneers since their childhood, and adopt their products to help them reach celebrity status.

Develop several personal individual and social moral skills, including: the development of computational methods of thinking,Creativity,Cooperation and teamwork, Communication, Persistence  andLeadership

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Coding Stages

  • Stage 1
  • ​Start-up stage

  • Stage 2
  • Challenge stage

  • Stage 3
  • Empowerment stage
    (Self steamers)

  • Stage 4
  • Change stage

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5%discount for trainees registered in four stages.

Family/Siblingdiscounton course fees

  • 5%discount for second Sibling.
  • 10% discount for third Sibling.
  • 15% discount for fourth Sibling.